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We specialize in offering tours that connect you with the real people and land of Tibet.  Because we grew up in this land, we have strong personal connections with the local people and intimate knowledge of the environment.  Our tours give you the best opportunities to have meaningful interactions with nomads,farmers, monks, pilgrims, artists, and everyday Tibetans.  We can provide you the most authentic and knowledgeable outdoor experiences, whether your are trekking a mountain, camping on the grasslands, taking photos, or simply making "kora" (circumambulation) around a monastery. While many tour companies prefer to have rigid tour schedules, we believe a tour should be designed to be both structured and flexible. This is the middle way approach, the traditional Buddhist way.  This way, if you find yourself wanting to stay a little longer in a nomadic family's tent sharing hot butter tea, or you want to stop along the road and hike a hillside to have a picnic, we will work to make that happen.

For  many travelers Tibet is known only TAR (the autonomous region of Tibet) but the cultural Tibet expends to further north-east and south-east regions (Amdo and kham) and provinces( Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunan) in north-east and south-east. See the Maps

Amdo tour
 Monasteries and pilgrimage.
 Photograph tour:
 Adventure trip from Amdo to Kham.
Kham tour

Lhasa tour 

Yarlong valley: The cradle of Tibetan Civilization, Yunbulhagang: frist palce ever built palace, Samye; first temples ever built,             Yundrok; sacred lake, Namtso; most-talked about. 
Everest adventure: wold's highest  Mountain peak, Gyangtse, Shigatse, Sakya