Tibetan Horse Race Festivals

Horse racing is one the major Festivals in Tibet. There are two types of horse racing in Tibet; traditional and official. The traditional one is more localized and self organized whereas the official one is organized by the local governments.

At the racing sport,  the racing event is not the only event but it is also an opportunity for the local people to show up their  elegant traditional dresses and Jewels. 

Apart from horses racing, there are some other races, like Yak race and  Dzo(an animal crosed with Yak and cows) racing as well. Many other  traditional sports are also among the races. In some places, young men and women sing love songs in groups.

The horse racing takes places almost all over Tibetan areas (Qinghai, Gansu,Sichuan, and Yunnan, and TAR )  usually in summer from june to spetember.

Following are the places where major horse races take place.

  • Kokonor lake horse racing
  • Golog horse racing
  • Machu horse racing 
  • Tsekhog hore racing
  • Yushul horse racing