One of the four principle Monastery in northern Amdo

Shakhyung Gonpa

Shyakhung (Bya khyung dGon) is situated on the shoulder of mountain Drak Chung  with a sharp cliff  facing towards north and offers visitors breathtaking view over the Machu river known also as Yellow river.  The Monastery founded in 1349 by The great master or teacher named Chogyal Dondup Ringchen: the former teacher of Tsongkhapa.There are several colleges in the monastery campus;colleges of Kalachakara, medical and philosophy. There are temples built on upper part of the monastery and the man temples are Sutra hall, Golden roof temple(known also as Serdong contains the reliquary of Chogyal Dondup Rinchen), Arapatsa temeple(Manjushuri temple), print house, and so on.There used to be 1500 monks in the monastery  and was once  one of the major monastery and still it is one of located in a remote area with peaceful environment and  therefore it is not known for tourists. It’s really worth seeing sight.