Area focused: Amdo Ngawa & Golog.
Trip A | Length: 21 days 
Starts from: Chengdu 
Ends up: Xining 
Best season: june-July –August-early September.
Highlights: Gyal Ron valley: pre-Buddhist culture area (Bon) Historical buildings, interesting architectures, Fortress, colorful customs. Barkham & Nagwa: home of both re- Buddhist culture and all major Buddhist schools, vast grasslands with diversity flowers, Tibetan Drogpa (Nomads) with their numerous Yaks and Black Tents, beautiful landscapes, clean rivers.
Serta: big monasteries with lost of Nyinmapa (old school) followers. Chikdrill:scared Mt Nyenpoyurtse and crystal clear rivers, lakes, Golog: home of Gesar king, known for its warriors, Mt Amyemachen, Raja monastery. Rebgong: cultural heartland of Amdo, Thanka painting, sculpture arts. Shakhyung: the birth place of Gelugpa school, one of the four principles monasteries Amdo, and Tibetan family experiences.