About Us

Tibetan Caravans is a unique touring experience. A small group of Tibetans have set up this tourism business, the first one of its kind in the region, run by Tibetans actually from the area. Our intention is to create an opportunity to share their combined experiences, knowledge and love of Tibet - its’ culture, landscape, and most importanly it's people.

Mr Pema Gyatso
Born in Amdo,Tibet; Pema had been facilitating and leading tours in Tibet for over ten years. He has a passion to show visitors the real Tibet. He is fluent in English, Chinese, Italian and has basic French. He has travelled over most of Tibet, including many remote areas and rarely visited locations. Often people think only of Lhasa when visiting Tibet, Pema would like to show the great diversity of the eastern area of this vast country

Mr Chather Tserang
Born in Amdo, Tibet; Tserang has been guiding tours in Tibet for five years. He is fluent in English, Chinese and has basic French. An expert in Tibetan history and Buddhism, but also humorous and lively, things are never dull with Tserang on the trip!
Mr Jimpa Gyatso
Born in Amdo, Tibet. Jimpa is fluent in English, Chinese and French. He has been guiding tours in Tibet for ten years. Very knowledgeable about Tibetan Buddhism and history, he has extensive knowledge of the great monasteries of Tibet. He has travelled over most of Tibet.

Mr Durkar Tsering
Born in Amdo (Labrang), Tibet. He is fluent in English and Chinese and has been guiding tours in Tibet for eleven years. Very experienced is arranging and guiding tours, he has worked for major tourism agencies in the past.
*All of the guides are also fluent in Tibetan, and in all regional dialects. It may surprise you to know that at this time not all Tibetans are able to speak and read their own language.
Of course using a Tibetan tour business gives you the chance to have an authentic and intimate experience of real Tibetan life and culture. And of course your tourism money goes to help Tibetans. As far as possible all staff are Tibetan, all accommodation, dining, shopping and other experiences will be with Tibetan businesses.