Nyenmpo Yurtse

The natural wonders of Tibet

Regone: Amdo (Qinghai & Gansu)
Trip Length: 13 days 
Starts: Xining | Ends: Xining |
Best season: June-July –Aug-early Sept.
Trekking: 3 Days
Road trip: 10 days.





Day01. Xining -Arrival in Xining airport from from Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu 15:00. We meet you at the airport and Transfer to hotel or we can drive to Karothang; Tibetan village and stay in a Tibetan home for the night.

Day02. Shakhyung Gonpa-Rebgong-Drive (about 9:00am)to Shakhyung Gonpa (Garuda) monastery, located on a Garuda-shape mountain with down looking sharp cliff on one side. From the top of the cliff you can have a spectacular view of the bands of Ma-chu (Yellow river). It’s one of the four principle Gelugpa (schools) monasteries in north Amdo as well as a major pilgrimage site for Tibetans, founded by ChosGyal Dondup Rinchen; the Great Master of Tsongkhapa(50km). After visiting the Shakhyung Gonpa, we will drive to Rebkong. Hotel.

Day03. Rebkong- The valleys of Repkong is home to the renowned school of Rebkong Art, one of the most highly esteemed traditions of Buddhist painting and sculpture in the Tibetan world. At the farming villages of Sengeshong yagotsang on the east bank of the Gu-Chu river, you will visit exquisitely decorated temples, and the studios of the villages and monastic artists where painted scrolls can be purchased. Most of the temples and monasteries of Amdo, which have been reconstructed in recent years, have commissioned works of art, including elaborated mural panels, from Repkong. In town, this afternoon, you explore the vast complex of Rongpo Gonchen, originally a Sakya foundation (1301) which was reconstituted as a Gelukpa monastery in the 16th century, and then you drive north along the west bank of the Guchu to visit Nyentok Gonpa. At Nyentok the most impressive building is the Jamkhang- containing a 13m Maitreya, while at Gomar there is a seven tiered stupa with multiple chaples dedicatd to the meditational deities of the four classes of the tantra. Around 5:30pm monks gather in their debate courtyard and you will see the debating course. Hotel in Rebkong 

Day04. Labrang- drive to Labrang.Today you will not take the normal highway, instead, our Tibetan caravan discovered a new way to go to Labrang. This is just a dirt road but very interesting route that no tourists has every gone through this way. it is such a remote therefore that vehicles can  hardly be seen and there are only local shepherds and their livestocks. the driving is totally through mountains and the views on the mountains tops are spectacular. Hotel

Day05. Labrang- At 10:10am. visit the Gonpa; Labrang Tashi Kyil monastery is somehow located near the frontier line has become stratigicaly an important gateway to Tibet. It is also one of the several largest monasteries in Tibet and founded by the first Jamyang Zhepa. There is a large community of monks in the monastery and they garter for assembling. You can see the monks debating in the late afternoon. The vibration of the monks chanting can be felt as you approach to the Sutra hall (the assembling hall). The printing house of Labrang is worth seeing.

Day06. Taktsang lhamo-(Langmusi) Drive to Tagtsang Lhamo and in the eveing visit monks Debating in Kirti Gonpa (monastery). You will also The tigers' nest located up in the valley near Kirti Gonpa. Monks debating in Kiriti monastery is quite popular and very exiting. 

Day07. Nyenmpo Yurtse- drive to Nyenmpo Yurtse via Machu. it is also interesting driving on vast grasslands of Machu. Machu is said to be one of the best grasslands in Amdo and therefore many animals (Yaks, horses, and sheep can often seen on both sides the road. in the evening you will arrive your destination; Nyenmpo Yurtse. Tonight you will camp near the lake Shugtso, stunning lake lays just in front of your tent door. You will be introduced to our Yak crews. They are very hospitality and very welcoming people. You can visit their black tents and Chat with them. You may also have some delicious Yogurts from them. In the evening you will not miss seeing ladies milking their Dri (female yak).

Day08.Trekking-Shugtso Gongma (upper lake.) which is suppurated from the lower lake(Shugtso lake). There is a foot trail along  the  lake and you follow the path upto the upper lake. The are some bush areas that you need to walk though but it is accessible. When you reach the  end of the first lake, you will find yourself in a valley all surrounded by beautiful rocky mountains and decorated with diversity flowers. After having lunch, you will continue your journey to the end of the second lake,upper lake, and camp near the lake. You can also see some glaciers on the rocky mountains , not far from the camping site. You chat with and play  games with  local people in the evening.

Day09.Trekking-Rag Khi Tso (lake). Today, the trekking is bit challenging because of the high pass called Rag khi Nyaka 4500m. after an hour walk the path leads to a valley on the left and it goes up steadly. There are sharp pointed, impressive ridges (rocks) all directions. after 4 or 5 hours, you will see a cairn standing right on the pass. This means you are reaching to  the submit. While on the pass, if the weather is fine, you will immediately notice that there is another blue lake in the deep down of the valley. This is the last pass and now you will descend towards  lake. All most all the mountains peaks are bare and rocky whereas the mid is rich in grass,flowers, short bushes etc. The foot is full of 1 or 2 meter high bushes trees. All these combinations make Nyenmpo Yurtse so special from another scared moutons in Tibet. Camp near the lake.

Day10.Trekking-to the finish point. The path is quite smiler to the path of Shutso lake. it goes all along the lake. it takes about 6 hours to get to the finish point. This lake is also as beautiful  as Shugtso lake. all sides are surrounded by eye-catching mountains. you will walk up to  the place where road meets. The tibetan Caravan services man is waiting for you with his vehicle. After having a tea  or coffee and drive to Machu. Your guide and driver will find you a nice place to camp with spectacular views of Machu river. It is about 2 half drive.

Day11. Sogdzong(Henan Xian)-about 60km drive along the Machu river, you will see a beautiful river  band . After leaving the river on the left, you will head for north, very reach grassland, where some Monglian tribs are inhabiting. en route you will visit a huage cave called Lhamo Ne Khang. You may also visit a Gongpa(monastery) near the town of Sogdzong. Hotel.

Day12. Xining- Drive to Xining, en route visit Lo Dorje Drag in Chentsa (Jian ca) county. Lo Dorje drag is range of rocks on a hill. Its natural icons and formations are marvelous. There are also many caves for meditating

Day13. Departure-fly